Redfall (Arkane Studios game) just released to mixed reviews

I was kind of looking forward to Redfall when I saw it was to be released straight to Gamepass. But now that reviews are out, it seems it may be a disappointment. I still plan on giving it a go tonight after work.

Many of the reviews seem to boil down to “It’s not AS good a game as we expect from Arkane.” Positive reviews say it’s still a great environment and a blast to play. Reviewers that complain about the 30fps cap should get a PC.

Anyone playing or plan on playing? What’s your take?

From what I’ve read it’s yet another poorly optimized AAA port. If you have a 4090 it’s great, but otherwise…

Nah. Redfall’s performance is decent, though a bit suspicious at the high-end. I wonder how much of that is due to Nvidia’s game-ready driver not being released until today (after the benchmarking was complete.) If you want to play the game, it should run well enough.

I’m kind of surprised they didn’t scrap the project after Back 4 Blood bombed so hard, which was essentially the same game. It’s on GamePass though, which is perfect since there’s no risk in trying it.

Played it last night, had a good time. Playing again tonight.

As near as I can tell, shitting on new game releases has become a widespread hobby all its own.

Definitely doesn’t give me Back 4 Blood vibes; more like Dying Light or multiplayer FarCry.

ETA: I should mention that I don’t give a wet fart about “performance” outside of “can I play this game”. I don’t monitor my framerate while playing games, and I would never notice if I was running at 144 fps or 30 fps.

I get what you’re saying, FPS isn’t a make or break metric for you, but I promise you would immediately notice the difference between 120+ and 30 fps. 120 to 60? Yeah it’s tougher and much less of a downgrade, but 30fps is extremely noticeable even for non-gamers. It may not always impact gameplay but IMHO high FPS is preferrable to high resolution in terms of quality.

Heading down to the dungeon to check it out pretty soon. I’ll report back in a couple hours unless I get pulled away by something.

Well, I pre-downloaded the game a couple days ago.

Yesterday I noticed it needed a several-gig (in the teens, maybe? ) update. Whatever, couldn’t even play it yet.

Just tried to launch and uhoh! It needs an update. A 94 GB update, which if I recall is around the same size as the initial download.

Fam and I played last night, it’s right up our alley of games we enjoy.

Art style feels very much like a brighter Dishonored. Kinda plays like a Vampire Dishonored with Guns, as well.

The story (so far, at least) seems fairly interesting. We got through three or four story missions, as well as finishing a few other sidequests if we were close. Each character has their own cutscenes, so it feels like there might be some replayability there, and we liked sharing the tidbits we would find out.

I don’t know how much differently the characters play yet with just the one playthrough. I took the sniper and had just unlocked my ultimate before we called it a night. Enemies seem to die fairly quickly, though we’re on a medium difficulty.

Graphically, it’s a little rough. There’s a few cuts around of the janky things that happen - weird legs when stomping out an enemy, things like that. Nothing game-breaking so far. However, when larger fights occur, I sometimes get some stuttering. I’m currently running a 1050ti, though, so that’s easy to chalk up to “barely able to play” anyway, and I haven’t looked at any of the settings yet to turn them down.

All in all, it’s pretty enjoyable, though a decent chunk of that might be attributable to the group I play with. Killing things and talking trash are pretty much our two favorite pastimes when we live so far apart. Redfall definitely lets us do that.


Um… does the actor who played Sookie in True Blood voice the intro narrative?

Ana Paquin, aka Rogue from X-Men?

Looking on IMDb, she is not listed.

Sure sounded like her! I didn’t even realize she was in X-Men.

She was one of the main focuses of the original film.

She also won an Oscar at age 11.

I never saw X-Men (that i recall) :slight_smile: What did she win an Oscar for?

Got right up to the first real objective, clearing the cultists out of the firehouse, and had to quit for a bit for reasons.

Having read the reviews, in not shocked by the graphics. They’re fine, but in my mind they’re on par with Dishonored 2. Of course they’re probably actually better if I compared them side-by- side.

The art design and sound is very Arkane, though. The first moments, when I woke up in the ferry and saw the water standing outside, it distinctly reminded me of a game…I thought really hard then realized the game it reminded me if was Dishonored.

Trying to figure out inventory…I have multiple Scorpion pistols, but one looks and handles completely different. I need to take some time to figure out menus and such.

She was in The Piano.

I have Game Pass and this has been on my “will check it out when it arrives” list. So I’ll, uh, check it out.

I’ve started playing it on Xbox X and so far it seems like The Division but with vampires and bad controls.

OK; played a while again tonight. First night got cut short, and I didn’t touch it last night. 4+ hours-ish in so far.

Is it a AAA $70 game? No. Nooooo way. It’s kind of embarrassing that it was released as such. I feel that MS et. at. could have saved some face and just said eh guys, here’s a cool game for $35.

Having said that, I didn’t pay $70 for it. It was on GamePass (PC), so basically I got it for free. (Yes, I do PAY for GP. But it’s a pittance compared to the retail price of the games I play.)

So, now we have to take ourselves out of the game reviewer mindset, which assumes that a $70 big-title game should be awesome.

Given that it was included in GP, this is a great game. I’d say it’d be a great deal on Steam etc. for $25. And that’s not a slam on it; it’s just that it reminds me of games that I have snatched for $25 that I ended up enjoying and playing a bunch.

I’ve only played solo, but I can feel that it would be a blast with 1+ others. I’m looking forward to playing MP this weekend.

It defaulted to “Ultra” settings on my 3070 at 1440 and, while I could get neither NZXT or FRAPS to display an FPS overlay, it was very smooth.

I’m really enjoying the world, I’m not sure why many reviews say it’s “empty.” There are vehicles to loot (reminds me of Generation Zero), enemies in houses and on the street, locations to explore.

The sound is very nice. I had to turn down ambient sounds and soundtrack, because I realized you can hear enemies (especially the vampires) pretty well before you need to engage them, and that will definitely put you on edge! Soundtrack is good, and hearing a vampire hiss its intentions towards you when you get close it really fun.

The guns are good, I’ve found several interesting ones so far. Shooing is pretty satisfying. Handling may be iffy, but that could just be me and my mouse setting. The game seems to put a lot of stock in headshots, at lower difficulty on the Cultists it’s pretty much one-shot.

I wouldn’t say it’s a horror game, but sometimes it can get a little scary. I mean…it’s vampires. They’re scary.

Having spent more time in it, the game looks perfectly fine. I think this is a pretty good example of some gamers/reviewers being much more focused on seeing improved graphics in every game that releases.

So for me…given everything I’ll go 6/10. Points deducted for being $70 at release.

Wow, I had no idea the price tag was $70. Some friends bought it for me. I absolutely agree with you here; definitely not worth that price tag. Game is definitely fun in multiplayer. I would have pegged this as a $40 game, tops; that’s the price for Darktide, and that is a better game (IMO).

Or you can spend $100 for the “Bite Back” edition.

• Redfall Base Game
• Redfall Hero Pass with Two Future Heroes
• Laser Beam Multi-Weapon Skin
• Tactical Knife Stake Weapon Attachment
• Northern Expedition Devinder Outfit
• Eyes in the Dark Jacob Outfit
• War Clothes Layla Outfit
• Engineer Volunteer Remi Outfit

Ok, played with Middle Kid tonight and had a freaking blast. Tomorrow my dad is going to join us.

Encountered a few more small glitches…players and enemies skate over the ground without moving their feet, for example.

Absolutely inexcusable for a big release game.

If you paid $70 for this, I feel for you. You got ripped off and should be pissed.

I didn’t and I think it’s a ton of fun.

If you don’t have GamePass and you see it on sale for$25, get it. I wouldn’t pay more than that unless or until they patch the shit out of it.