RedHat - User Manager not working correctly?

Can anyone tell me what gives? I’m logged in as root. I go to user manager to create a person account for myself. I try to log in as my new entity, and it just returns the windows manager login to me. I try no password, and it says ‘bad password’ (or something like that).
Even though I entered a password, in the user manager there didn’t seem to be one encrypted in /etc/passwd. So I opened up a term window and entered passwd [username] and added a password to the new created name. Same problem. I can only login to Linux as the root. It’s also not creating a home directory for the new user, even though I have that box checked in the redhat user manager. Oh… one more thing I just remembered… when I originally noticed that my etc/passwd file didn’t have an encrypted password as i would have expected… and then I added one… the first password it wouldn’t accept because it wasn’t unique enough so it was rejected and I had to type in a new one… but the new one seemed to enter just fine.

any Help? Is this something where the window’s manager and the OS require their own password files?


Isn’t that how it goes? As soon as I post a Q, I try the KDM user Manager and everything seems to be working OK.

I would still appreciate any words of wisdom.


The Window manager and the OS do not have their own passwords. Is this a machine that is directly connected to the internet? Password/username issues can be a sign that you have been rooted. Otherwise, what are the perms on /etc/passwd? What if you create a totally new user from a terminal? (/usr/sbin/adduser {user})If you can do that, and add a password, then its user manager. Start with addusr from a command prompt.

A new password wont show in /etc/passwd since shadow passwords are enabled by default, IIRC. (I am not at my RedHat box)

Are you using Gnome, KDE or something else?

OK preview is my friend, glad you got it. I’d check the RedHat user manager, looks like it may be confused.