Rediscovering Chantal Kreviazuk

Thanks to Pandora and my Nerina Pallot station (I have no idea who Nerina is, but apparently I liked something of hers that came down the Pandora Pipe) I had the pleasure of hearing a song called Little Things and the voice was deliciously familiar so I took a stroll past the laptop to see a name I had forgotten that I had forgotten: Chantal Kreviazuk. I had to look up some of her earlier stuff to remember which song of her’s was on the tip of my tongue, and that was Surrounded.

Boy howdy, but she has some nice pipes (and I certainly wouldn’t kick her out of bed either) that I am embarrassed to think I had misplaced her in my cluttered and befuddled musical mind. I swear I had purchased her debut album and I think I let a friend borrow it and never got it back, which would explain how it did not make it through The Great Ipod Migration.

I’m completely in love with her version of Randy Newman’s “Feels Like Home”.

I love her very first song on her first album, God Made Me. I think she has a terrific voice, but I can’t sit thru a whole album. Still, when that song shows up on shuffle, I turn it up a little.

I really fell in love with Under These Rocks and Stones, especially Surrounded and Hands; and Colour Moving and Still especially Eve, Souls, Blue, Far Away, and Before You. I haven’t checked out any of her more recent albums yet. And it looks like she has been writing a lot for other singers.