Rediscovering obscure old songs from your youth

I remember this from watching old Warner Brothers cartoons as a kid. It wasn’t
until today that I learned this piece had a name. The part starting at 1:28 was
probably used most often.
Raymond Scott’s “Powerhouse”

  • X. L. Lent

I heard Tom Rush’s Panama Limited once or twice on FM radio. It left me with a hauntingly good impression, but without the name or enough of the lyrics to Google it.

Some decades later I chanced upon it, clicking semi-randomly at YouTube. :slight_smile:

I was listening to Underground 80’s on TuneIn Radio this morning and heard a very familiar song. It was “Move to Move” by Kon Kan (1989). Haven’t heard that song since high school.

"Troglodyte" by the Jimmy Castor Bunch.
Hey, I was 10 years old.
When you’re 10 years old you LOVE songs with lyrics like these:

“She was a big woman.
BIG woman.
Her name was Bertha.
Bertha Butt.
She was one
of the Butt sisters.”

Exhuming an old thread: Dr. Tassler got his medical degree at Rush University. :cool: You can’t make this stuff up.

Zombie thread, but still:

I heart “Tweeter and the Monkey Man.”

One day I tried playing Travelling Wilburys for my co-workers, and they were like, “What the heck is this?”

Just yesterday, Mad, Mad Me, by Wendy Waldman.

Roy Orbison’s last project before his untimely and premature death, that’s what!

Also Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty, George Harrison, and Bob Dylan.


George Michael’s untimely death made me think of this “Dr. Demento” favorite from the late 1980s.

I also found this song, which was a minor hit in the mid 1990s and is probably the only song with the phrase "consciousness begins to falter" in the lyrics.
Menswear was a British power pop band.

Recently stumbled on this lovely metal gem which I hadn’t heard in over 30 years (and not for lack of searching, either):

Axehammer - Axehammer '84

Ok, a shot in the dark but this has bugged me for decades:

Seems obscure to me because I am not able to identify the singer, only that it was a catchy tune from a video of the 60s-70s (before MTV) where the singer was all in an elegant and totally white suit and even white top hat(?) and the only lyrics I remember did go like:

"And here we go again!

Heo oh ho heo oh, ho heo heo oh.

Heo oh ho heo oh, ho heo heo oh.

Heo oh ho heo oh, ho heo heo oh."

Even back then when I was little (and only knew Spanish) I noticed that those were just nonsense words in the chorus, and it makes me think it was maybe coming from a children’s TV show from the USA were only the song was showed in my old country back then. The peculiar thing is that while the musicians were not shown in the screen, the music was with a full orchestra and included an electric guitar, not a small band.

Cab Calloway, Minnie the Moocher, from the movie The Blues Brothers?

I hated this when it was first popular. I’ve changed my mind, since.

This was controversial (read: fun) in junior high school. (short version)

“How Do You Do?” by Mouth and MacNeal.

I’m trying real hard to NOT re-discover this one:

Maybe you’d rather re-discover Seasons in the Sun instead? :smiley:

Sadist! :wink:

How about “Chevy Van”? Huh? Re-discover THAT one, why don’tcha! :D:D:D

Hey you two, get a room!

Hard to believe this song will be old enough to vote this year, as will the inhabitant of the baby bump featured towards the end of the video. :stuck_out_tongue: I missed a million miles of fun......

I just discovered this a few weeks ago, so now I’m off to re-discover The Cowsills. Ta-ta!

The title is actually, “The Rain, The Park and Other Things.”