Redundantly named places

In the webcomic Order of the Stick, there’s a number of redundantly named places. These are jokes, of course. Examples are Wooden Forest, Wet Sea, Cove Bay, Avenue Street, Fluvial River. You can find more of them in the Gazeteer of the Stick.

Anyway, I very occasionally run across actual places with such names. Two of them are:

I know I’ve run across others involving redundantly named streets, but I can’t remember details. Anyone else know of more?

ETA: Found one: Street Rd in Bensalem PA

Scottsdale, Arizona, has Pinnacle Peak. On the way south to Tucson, you’ll pass Picacho Peak, which translates to Peak Peak.

“Mississippi River” would translate to something like Big River River.

Table Mesa, NM can be translated to Table Table.

OK, I forgot about the ones from two different languages. I know about quite a few of those, but am really interested in ones where they are redundant in English. Pinnacle Peak is a good one. Table Mesa is real close.

South Korea has one administrative level of government known as metroplitan city.

Nah, that’s fair enough. Not every city is a metropolis.

There are quite a number rivers in several different countries called either Avon River or River Avon; “Avon” comes from a Celtic word for “river”. The tautology is most notable in the Avon River in Wales, whose name in Welsh is Afon Afan.

“Knockmountain”, a hill west of Glasgow in Scotland, means “hill mountain”.

I know it spoils the fun a bit, but there’s a wiki for everything:

I know the OP isn’t looking for fictional places, but that just made me remember that there was some cartoon I watched as a kid that took place in Metro City. From Googling it looks like I was probably thinking of Inspector Gadget.

There’s an Avenue Road in Toronto.

Yes, but virtually all those are billingual (or multi-lingual). As I said in post #5, I’m looking for those redundant purely in English. Or those where the name is an adjective that applies to all things of the generic name. Names like Wet Sea and Wooden Forest (which I listed in the OP). I didn’t examine every entry in that list, but the only ones I saw were a couple Avenue Road’s, including the one in Toronto, two Street Road’s, and a Boulder Rock.

I suppose the rules of the op eliminate Boise Nat’l Forest from consideration, but we do have a Parkway Lane locally.

Mount Monadnock NH

Monadnock is derived from the Abenaki word meaning isolated mountain, and has now been adopted by American geologists as a term to mean that. So while it didn’t originate as an English word, it now is one.

I’m sorry, but this thread is clearly mislabelled.

It should be “Redundantly named place names.”


I have parked in a laneway but I can’t recall ever having lain in a parkway.

I know the OP said English, but I’ve always liked Baden-Baden, which means Bath-Bath.

High Street Road is a fairly major Melbourne thoroughfare

And conversely, there are oxymoronic names, a common one being Dry Creek.

The Potomac River.

Not in my Travellogue… More of an event than destination.