Reebok Pumps, The Impossible Quest

Personally, I had no idea Reebok was once again making The Pump. But yes, I did see someone in my school wearing them today, and they are cool. So I set out looking for them, and was turned away everywhere. Footlocker, even, can only offer me them in a size 8. So disappointing.

So I’d like to hear what you all think? Are these shoes ridiculous? Are they possible to find? Where could I find these boys online?

Does anyone here own the new ones?

Do you have a store called “Sheikh” at your local mall? I’ve seen at least a couple of pairs at three different Sheikhs.

I don’t own the new ones, but I had a couple pairs of the originals. I liked 'em. Sure it was a gimmick, but they did snug up nicely around your foot and I liked the little “pump” hemisphere thingy on the tongue. I wouldn’t say they were any more comfortable than a non-pump version of a similar shoe, but they weren’t bad.

Hmm…after doing a web search on Sheikh and not finding a lot, I’m realizing it might be a local thing (I’m in San Jose, CA). Ah, well–seems like there are quite a few on Ebay.

Ah! If only I had access to a Sheikh. Even Eastbay doesnt have them! And while Ebay does have a lot of shoes, the idea of buying shoes online from some schlub kinda gives me the jibblies. Especially since when you go on Ebay there are all sorts of weird variations of the Pump to confuse you.

I might have to settle with a pair of Air Force II’s.

But someday, I will find the Pump.