Reésumé help

I’m currently constructing a résumé for an online editorial position. I possess work experience at copious online publications (on a voluntary basis). However, as a result of my just recently turning 18, my education ended at High School. Thus my question is as follows: What should I list for the “education” portion of my résumé? Could I neglect it and instead focus on my experience in the industry? Thanks in advance for the advice.

I think you have to mention education, at least.

It should be ranked in importance based on what the hiring person will look for. I am 35 and a lawyer. My work experience is at the top of the resume, and my education has only a few lines at the bottom.

Since you have a good deal of online publications experience, I would list that first, and put education at the bottom, unless you had lots of honors with your education, such as Honor Society, Valedictorian, etc.

I agree with Abe babe always lead with your strength in resumes, in this case your work experience.

Any strengths a business might be able to utilize, such as proofreading. :slight_smile:

Great, thanks a lot for the responses, but now another question, what should I list under “education”? Here’s the deal: I “dropped out” of High School (Not because of poor academics, but instead as a result of my disagreeing with the standard school system). I immediately obtained my GED (scoring above 90% of the US in most areas, though I doubt that matters). Thus I am left wondering what/how I should list that; also, would it serve mmy benefit to mention I was a member of the school paper? Thanks again :slight_smile:

I think I’m being mocked. :;hufgfs out the dooor::

I would list it something like:

Joe Schmoe HS, Somewhere State 1999-2002

  •                  School Paper*                             2000-2002
  •                  Honor Society*                            2000, 2002

Depending on what sort of layout you’re using. (Everything would line up and be indented correctly, which I can’t figure out how to do.)

If you get an interview the guy will say something like “you only have 3 years of HS?” to which you would reply “I left early to start my own business (or whatever you did), but I do have my GED.” Something that shows initiative and gumption. If you were the editor of the school paper or something specific, use that to enhance that entry. Also add if you were on yearbook too if that’s the case. So:

School Paper (editor, factchecking, photos) 2000-2002
Yearbook (Pasteup, blurbs) 2002

etc. Something like that.

It’s good that you’re considering this issue early, because it will likely resurface again and again. If at all possible, I would try to avoid bringing up the fact that you dropped out of high school during an interview. And remember, “embellishment” is the key to any good resume.