Reference on the UK series Spaced : "bogling?"

I absolutely love Spaced, and while watching it again, I found myself wondering exactly what Daisy’s “bogling to Aswad” in front of the mirror involved. I know you see the older Daisy doing this strange dance, complete with hand movements, but what exactly is bogling? Is that all there is to it? Where does it come from? Someone out there must know!

It’s a very suggestive dance from Jamaica.

It involves opening and closing of legs, thrusting the pubic region about and wiggling yer hips a lot.

Yep, what Kal says. as performed in most old school Shabba Ranks and Supercat videos. And at the Sunsplash festival.

Shakin that booty!

Now i have images of you doing it. :eek:

I prefer to rub-a-dub.