Refilling a butane lighter?

Probably an idiotic question,but how do i go about refilling my butane torch lighter?

There is a little valve on the bottom but where do i get the butane and how do i fill it?

Not sure what a torch lighter is, but there are tons of Google hits for all kinds of variations on “refill butane lighter”.

Butane cigarette lighter?

Butane pipe lighter?

I do know that you buy the little can of butane refill at any place that sells smoking supplies, like Wal-Mart.

What brand of lighter is it?

You can buy refills cans in the cigarette section of any grocery store. It will come with 4 or 5 tips, try them till you find one that fills the lighter.

I have no idea on the brand,I bought it at a flea market and it looks like a small welding torch.

I didn’t know Wal-mart carried the refills.
I wasted most of the gas by letting people play with the “torch” :smiley:

Nowadays, most lighters have gone to a standarized valve. The last few cans of butane I bought didn’t have several tips like cans I purchased in years past.

Basically, just hold the lighter upside down and push the tip of the butane can into the valve while holding the vertically. It’s not always a perfect process and you may get some butane splashed on you even when the lighter is filling.

As soon as you see that all the butane your spraying is getting splashed back on you and the lighter starts frosting over, it’s full.

…holding the can vertically.

We use those torches in our lab. We get the butane from any local grocery store. It usually comes in a can about the size of that canned cheese stuff, except thinner and a little taller.