Reformatted drive. Can't get sound to work

My computer is driving me nuts! Please help!

The last time I brought it home from the shop it had a new screen card. Fine. The screen wasn’t working. Now its working. But then I found that I wasn’t able to install the modem, even though I had the installation disc from the internet company. I was on the phone with tech support for over an hour in and out of control panel.

When I got off the phone I decided to just junk everything (sofware wise) and start from scratch figuring this might help solve the problem with the modem. I reformatted the drive with the windows 2000 professional disc and reinstalled windows.

I got the windows up and running, except there’s no sound.

So I start poking around in control panel and inside the physical compter to see what I might have to install to get the sound to work and this is what I found

[li]control panel / sounds and multimedia properties / sound playback / prefered device / no playback devices[/li][li]control panel / computer management/ components/multimedia/sound devises/ no sound devices. [/li][li]Label on audio port: (embossed) foxconn[/li][li]add - remove hardware wizzard / troubleshoot device/[/li]searching for plug and lay hardware to install / multimedia audio controller - the drivers forthis device are not installed (code 8)
[li]I asked windows to search every cd I ever got that looked like it had audio device drivers and it found nothing it could use.[/li][li]No, there was no disc that came with the computer containing sound device drivers.[/li][/ul]

So I basically have no idea what driver I need to install. When I go look for a driver, don’t I need to know the specifications of the hardware? How do I find out?

What do I do next?

Thanks in advance for all your help SD’ers!

Any chance that Foxconn is actually the name of your motherboard, and not actually the sound card?

Do you have a seperate sound card, or is it onboard?

If Foxconn is indeed your motherboard…
Here’s the link to their site.. If you can narrow down which board you have… and the sound is onboard, the drivers will be listed for it.

Thanks Daizy!

Foxconn is just the sound port, the socket for the sound blaster plug.

Yes, the sound card is on board (built in). The name of the motherboad is, well, if I look at the reciept that I got when I bought the machine it says Gigabyte 7vkml. But when I opened it up and looked inside I saw Gigabyte 8xagp.

I did a search for Gigabyte. I didn’t find the manufacturers website for downloading drivers.

Hmm… What next?

The 8XAGP is the video card slot in the motherboard. Your motherboard can be found here on the support page from Gigabyte. The do list a 7VKML in the drop down box on this page. You might try the Download Center section. It seems that they will install a self analyzing program on your machine.That might be helpful in that it will determine how up to date the drivers are in your machine.

Is this what your motherboard looks like?

I did a bit more searching and they list the Audio Driver on this page for that motherboard.

I downloaded that one, the one for the GA-7VKML That’s the model number listed in the printed page I got with the computer. But why can’t I find the the number that actually appears on the physical machine, 8xagp?

I’ll try the Driver of GA-7VKML and let y’all know if it works.


As Toddly has mentioned…

We think you have a Gigabyte motherboard.

The driver for the onboard sound, is Realtek. The very first link on that page.

Thanks for your help everyone.
It worked!