Refurb Nexus One

I’m in the market for an **unlocked **smartphone, and I see refurbished Nexus Ones going for 130 on Amazon.

Are they worth it?

I’m looking for the following features/these are the things I’ll mainly be doing on a phone:

  1. Music playback - I want good sound quality.
  2. Movie playback
  3. Web browsing
  4. Calling very occasionally
  5. Taking lots of pictures - I want a good camera

Is the Nexus One a good deal at 130? No, I will not buy a phone with a contract; I only want unlocked phones.

When I used the HTC Magic, the camera took VERY long to start up. You might want to check if that’s true for that phone before buying.

I have two of these, (T-Mobile bands).
So some things to note:
First, you have to check whether they are T-Mobile 3g or AT&T 3g- Nexus one doesn’t have both.
Audio quality is going to depend on your headphones, if you mean from the speaker in the phone, it’s crap, like the built in speaker on all phones, Ipods, etc.
Plays back video fine, although that is going to depend on the transcoding settings - trying to play back say a 720p encoded x264 probably won’t work, but probably would on a 4-core with a Tegra.
Web Browsing is pretty much exactly the same as any other android with the same version, and is fast enough.
The camera on these is “adequate” - you need a much newer phone as generally only the top end phones have cameras that would reach into what I would call “Decent”.
The biggest gotchas on Nexus one:
You need to install & use Link2SD with an SD card - the internal ROM on these is absurdly small, and is why there is no official Android 4.0. So obviously you want a big micro SD card with it.
Root & Install Cyanogenmod 7 - much better phone than on stock. It is also possible to install Ice Cream sandwich but it isn’t a supported phone so it isn’t as well developed.

Were I buying an unlocked phone today probably the best priced one would be the Galaxy Nexus - is quad band so you can switch between AT&T & T-Mobile 3g and much faster & better camera. $350 straight from google.