Refurbishing vs. buying a new one(computer)

My computer is ok… But I want to upgrade it so it can go faster(because it’s a couple of years old).
Would it cost more to buy it picemeal or get a new one?

Depends what you want to upgrade to. What specs (processor type and speed, RAM, etc) does your current computer have? Who made it? How much money are you looking at spending?

If it is too old, you’d need to buy a new mainboard (motherboard), as well as the new processor, and all new RAM, and possibly a new case, depending on the type of your current one.

Unless you’re pretty sure what you’re doing, I’d suggest looking at a new one, and probably networking the old one as a workstation or media server. :slight_smile:

I am not too proficient in assembling the parts… But I know someone who could(with the new equipment) bulid it up. I’m unfortunately not at the computer which want to upgrade… All I can remember is that it has a 3.4 gb drive with 1.4 gb space left(explains why I’d need another one).
By media server do you mean just using it for stuff like games or coughMP3cough for example?

From your description, it seems to me you ‘only’ need a new motherboard, processor and RAM, your floppy drive will be fine, your hard-drive will work (size might be important to you, I don’t know), the modem will work, the graphics card may need replacing (depends on what you’ve got and what you want to do with it), the case should be fine (depends on what you’ve got), the power supply should be fine, is there anything else?

Anyway, if you want a more definitive answer, give us more information on what you’ve got and what you will use a new computer for!

MachineHead, we need all the specs of the computer you have right now, including, if its a PC or a Mac… & how fast a new computer you want to have.

Surprisingly, I’d say the key question is whether your current case is AT or ATX. If the keyboard, mouse, etc. ports in the back are all scrunched together, it’s ATX and you can use it with most any current hardware. If they aren’t, it’s AT and you need to replace it, along with all the items everyone else mentioned. A case isn’t that cheap.

The money for a new case probably would swing the balance.

I would suggest upgrading to a new machine. If you have a 3.4 gig drive, it is probably fairly old, ATX or no ATX.

If you buy a new package machine from, say, Dell, you’ll be getting a huge hard drive, new motherboard, more and faster RAM, etc, and a fresh copy of WinXP with whatever other software they cram on. With a system as old as yours, you will need to upgrade eventually, as future technologies just won’t work with older motherboards.

What you will be doing in upgrading your existing system is removing the motherboard, RAM, and processor on it. You would buy a new motherboard, purchase a compatible processor, and buy new RAM, then reconnect all the parts you’re using with the PC now to it. You will probably be better off reinstalling Windows doing this. I would also suggest getting a new hard drive while you’re upgrading. 3.4 gigs isn’t very large, and you won’t get the most out of your new system.

It can be pretty difficult to do all this if you don’t know what you are doing, but it is also cheaper. The other disadvantage to this kind of upgrade is that you don’t have a service agreement - if it breaks or doesn’t work, you’re SOL.

Jeez…I just upgraded FROM a 40GB to a 100GB.

Oooh. I got you beat. I just upgraded from an 80GB drive to 2 80’s and a 60. So much space.

And, yeah, get a new one. Your computer is probably too old to really “upgrade” without just buying new everything. Keep the old one around, though, or give it to someone who can use it. There are lots of things for which you don’t need a powerful 'puter.

You’d be better off buying a brand new system, unless you’re someone who likes tinkering for the sake of tinkering or you don’t have the money for a new PC.

By buying a new PC, you’d get the latest hardware & software and all the hardware would be compatible. However, every IBM clone comes with Windows XP, so if you want to move any legacy hardware software to a new PC check with the original manufacturers to see if they are XP compatible before purchasing a new PC. You’ll save yourself some headaches this way.

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