Regarding "Speech" & "Boredom"

I wouldn’t be surprised if Manny moves this to Great Debates. But this is something which is answerable by the teeming millions, and I’m not interested in a great debate. Just some feedback, not responding.

Assume there was no such a thing as speech or language. Assume there was just such a thing as conveying one’s thoughts through telepathy (i.e. where the communicator voluntarily wishes to convey something to a recipient, who in turn, voluntarily wishes to receive the telepathic message.

In such an instance, would most of the people who are presently bored by the “oh so many ways of saying the same basic things” still be bored?

Because telepathy can be communicated in quick flashes, and if the subject matter is either interesting or boring, i think you’d know it right away, no?

I’m not 100% sure I understand the question, but you are correct that it is not well suited to this forum, which is dedicated to questions to which there is an answer, or questions for which an answer might reasonably be postulated based on the world’s existing knowledge base.

I see this as less “If we could travel FTL, would this happen?” and more “if pigs flew, would their tails have evolved into rudders?”

Please re-think your question somewhat and post it in an appropriate forum.