Regency House Party 11/03

What a delight this is! A reality dating show disguised as a history lesson! I think I’m in this for the long haul. I can’t believe the ladies’ companion broke off a highly suitable (for her!) engagement to hang out with the hermit! Anyone else watching?

I had a friend over for dinner, so I taped it – I’ll be back in a day or so after I’ve had a chance to watch.

Watched it, had a few problems with it:

When introduced the women are to curtsy/men bow.

The whinning of the cast. Don’t they know what they were getting in to? Also the Captain would have not offered so quickly then change his mind the next day. Marriages were for power and money back then.

Looks like a fun watch though, I’m sure there are many historical inaccuracies, but I’ll watch it anyway.

I watched it and liked it for the most part. I really liked the exchange of “We’re going to learn how to walk properly.” I was disappointed in the whining, and was hoping we wouldn’t see so much of it, at least so soon.

My favorite part from last night was the discussion of hired hermits. I had no idea people actually advertised for one and that they were often encouraged to grow their nails and hair in the ads. Zebedee (the hermit) seems to be in the spirit of things with his talk of popping out of the bushes and making people jealous of his surroundings. Although I don’t really like the idea of another reality dating show, the courtship rituals (positioning of fans, sneaking notes through the staff, wearing of a certain person’s colors, etc.) are interesting enough to me, that I’ll watch it again.

My son is calling it the ATF show…alcohol. tobacco and firearms. These poor guys are so drunk all the time! They should not have access to weapons. My daughter is intrigued by the glimpses of the upcoming banquet where the serving tray in the center of the table appears to be a naked woman.

I’d just recently read a Martha Grimes book where she mentions hiring hermits…I’d never, ever heard of the practice before, so coming across it twice in two weeks is a bit strange to begin with.

I kind of like the fact that it isn’t so polished and rehearsed…the cast was reading from their cheat sheets almost constantly to try and stay in character. And I agree that some of these people seem to be so whiny so quickly…did they really have so little idea what was expected? They are playing a role! It may not be as comfortable a life as they have at home, but they signed up for this!

I am a little confused though. It it supposed to be a real dating show? Are these people supposed to find actual mates? Or just their characters?

I’m reading it right now – so it’s twice in one week! What a hoot!

I wish I had TV so I could watch this. I can’t even get broadcast channels with my rabbit ears. :frowning:

I’m watching RHP too.
The first episode held my interest, but just. I think I’m less interested in the ‘House’ series that deal primarily with social status rather than drastic change in day-to-day living. This is definitely one of the former.

I hope we get to see more of the budding romance between Mr. Foxsmith and the chaperone (whose name I don’t recall). He seems very smitten with her.

The hostess (Mrs. Rogers) is a little too into her role, I think. Sure, she wants the single people to adhere to their roles and actually try to find a suitable marriage partner, but she seems to thrive on reprimanding them for slipping out of character.

So, would any of you want to be on a show like this? Would you be able to act the part? No to both, for me.

Oops. Forgot to log in as me with that last post. :smack:

I was under the impression, that yes, they really are looking for mates. Then the seemingly casual engagement in the first episode threw me, so I understand completely why you’d be confused. From the PBS site -

I feel for you racinchikki, we have rabbit ears too, and there’s been several nights where we’ve reenacted a Laverne & Shirley episode trying to get some reception. It’s available on DVD and VHS if you’re interested in pre-ordering or adding it to a wish list.

I would love to be on a living history show, and I could act the part well - which is exactly why I’ll never get to be on one. They don’t allow people with any experience in reenactment to go on.