Registered Letter from "Dept of Police"

So I got home tonight to find a slip in my mail box saying there was a registered letter for me at the post office from “The Dept of Police”. I haven’t done anything wrong that I know about. What could this be? Would a summons be sent from the police or the courts? Unpaid traffic ticket? I have to wait til 6:00 AM tomorrow and I’m worried.

Is that the actual name of your police? No city or anything? I’d be wary of either a scam, or possibly one of those dodgy ‘fundraising’ things.

I’m with Sunspace. All the police departments I’ve heard of go by “(name of town/city) Police Department” never “Dept of Police” and never without the name of the town/city.

No way to know for sure until you get to the office of post. Be sure to take your license of driver.

Maybe I’m nothing over worried.

This reeks of some sort of Nigerian extortion scam or something. Sending the letter certified or registered might make the mark feel like the contents of the letter are more legit.

Or, maybe you got caught by a red light camera or something (if such a thing exists where you live) and the postal worker who filled out the slip messed up on the sender.

Portland doesn’t even have a Police Department. It’s the Portland Police Bureau. There is a Fairview Police Department, a Gresham Police Department, and a City of Troutdale Police Department, if you’ve been in any of those communities. There’s also the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, the Portland Community College Department of Public Safety, the Portland State University Department of Public Safety, and the Oregon State Police. But no Department of Police.

I’m thinking you said BOMB or DEVICE or BUSH SUCKS on the internets, and Homeland Security/Bureau of illegal prisons/Bureau of of illegal wiretaps/Bureau of what is this “constitution” that you speak of… has determined that you are a threat to national security/homeland security/against things that WE are for.

You’re screwed.

I hear Gitmo is nice in the fall…

I don’t see any reason not to go to the Post Office and see what it is. If it is a scamof some sort, then it doesn’t cost you anything except the your time, plus you might just get a good laugh out of it.

Maybe whoever at the P.O. filled out the slip wrote the name incorrectly?

Department of Police, Lagos Nigeria?

So, what’s the verdict? I’m sure you were there at 6:01.

Maybe it’s a strippergram. Do they send those registered?

Brilliant. My lungs are hurting from the laughter now.

It was just that I didn’t pay my alarm permit. The good thing, is that if I send my bank acct number to my new friend in Nigeria he will pay it for me.

My father was a famous Dept of Police but he passed away and now I have $100,000,000.00 that I will share for oyur help.

OK, I’m glad to know the issue has been solved happily, if somewhat annoyingly and time-wastingly for you, but a question, what the heck is an “alarm permit” :eek: if one even exists? I mean, genuine question here, from ignorant foreigner - is there such a thing? Even if its name might be “permit of alarm”, is there, and if so, what is it?

And I’m glad things worked out all right, because I think a registered letter scam must certainly be more worrying than the usual e-mail dead-politician husband, long lost and surprisingly rich family member bit of nonsense.

Oh, on later thoughts, perhaps one needs a permit in order to be alarmed at such a letter. Yes, that might be it.

Also, I really like having these bi-focal glasses that I cannot get used to, as it leads to to some fun mis-readings such as your “new **fiend **in Nigeria”.

It must be a real pain by now, though, to be a perfectly honest person from Nigeria. As in “Good Afternoon, I should like to rent your flat/buy your car for sale, (or any such thing) … oh no, why do you throw me out and call the police? Eek, not fair.” It IS horrible, though, and I seem to recall that this kind of thing was happening by actual paper letter even before the widespread use of teh interwebs.

[edited because unable to spell the very complicated word “of”. I might just have a future career as a scammer awaiting me.]

Don’t know about Portland, but here in Carmel Indiana, if your house has an alarm system, you have to have a permit filed with the city before it can be activated.

However, the permit is a one-time only fee here, and there’s no annual renewal required.

Basically the same, but it’s $25 per-year. It’s to cover the cost of police responding to alarms, 95% of which are false.

So you furners not only get medical care free, you also get free police? Bunch of Socialists :slight_smile: