Registered user?

A certain poster has just had his status changed from “Member” to “Registered User”. I won’t name the poster because I’m not here to ask why their status has changed. I’m just curious to know what’s the difference. Can only read but not post? On probation? Status pending while mods discuss fate? I know some people have been suspended…

help, dsend

I’ve seen another one like that, but I can’t remember who. I just came into ATMB to ask, but you beat me to it.

Apparently that’s the title the most recent thousand or so registrants have been given. Perhaps it has something to do with forthcoming changes mentioned by Ed Zotti in his SDMB service update announcement, or perhaps it’s a default that got turned on with some board configuration tweaking.

We anxiously await information from those in the know.

Hmm…, if you look at user profiles for those registered since January 12th, they are titled Registered User if they have zero posts, and Member if they’ve posted. I don’t know why you’d see Registered User show up in a thread.

This certain user has been registered since the middle of last year and has several hundred posts…

‘Registered user’ vs ‘Member’ - ntucker 02-09-2004

My WAG is that the poster mentioned “taking a break”. I’m assuming that this is a change to reflect the fact that his privileges have been temporarily suspended, but that he’s not permanently banned.