Ok, I'm a bit confused. (Guest/Member question.)

I am hesitant to add to the growing number of threads regarding the new subscription policy. But I am curious and must have missed this vital fact in my reading.

What is the difference between a GUEST and a MEMBER?
For the sake of the hamsters, please don’t post to this threads after the question is answered. Let it sink in a dignified manner to the bottom of the boards.

Thanx, J.

My inference is that Guest is one who has posted since the switch, without paying up. Member is anyone who hasn’t posted since the switch. If a “Member”, without paying the registration fee, makes a first post since the switch, his/her status changes to Guest. The first post made after paying for subscription sets the user status to “Charter Member”.

I can’t confirm this, but this seems to be the case. I may be wrong.

xash, that may be right, but it’s not the only reason. See this post by jdavis.

That was surreal!

TYM, that link brought me to JUST that post! Not that post in the whole thread…JUST A SCREEN with only that post!

Huh. What I did was clicked on the #15 and then copied that link. I didn’t even notice it cut out the rest of the thread.

That’s correct.

It’s the exception. If your status was ever changed from the default for some reason, you will see the custom title under your name. Most will have “Member”, some may have “Posting Sabbatical”, etc.