Registered User ???

Earlier tonight, in one of the current threads about Kobe’s crash & helicopter black boxes, Broomstick linked to an old thread about another crash.

Post #5 has NinetyWt listed as a “Registered User”. What the heck is that, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before? Yes, it was a 2003 post, but NinetyWt was around until 2014 & I always thought your posts took on your current title ie. if I were to put on jackboots tomorrow, all of my posts would read “Moderator”, even the ones from when I was just a “Member” (or “Guest” before [del]paying ransom[/del] generously donating).

Are there any more descriptions besides
[li]Guest[/li][li]Member[/li][li]Charter Member[/li][li]Suspended[/li][li]Banned[/li][li]Moderator[/li][li]Admistrator[/li][li]Registered User[/li][/ul]

If you are a brand new registered person and you have not yet received and opened the customary authentication email, the registration is in a holding queue. That’s “Registered User.”

If you change your email address or your password and you’re waiting on the customary authentication email to verify the change, your registration is in the same holding queue. You are a “Registered User.”

You can read the board from the security holding queue, but that’s about it.

your humble TubaDiva

9,135 posts & an email address in contact info that matches username. From what your saying I guess s/he changed password & never logged in again???