Registering DLLs

Quick question, though I can get more specific if I need.

Is there some setting in Windows XP that disallows the registering of DLL files? If so, where do I find it and change it?


I’ll take more specifics.
What dll file are you trying to register?
How are you doing it?
What’s the error message you’re getting?

Do you want to disallow or reallow registering, or both??

I’m not aware of a single switch, but to complete a registration the current windows account needs to have Write permissions in the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT registry tree. By default, regular users do not have these permissions, admins do. (Not sure about power users etcetera.)

DLL is a proprietaty DLL, specific to a program. It has worked in many other environments and so evidence suggests that the problem is system specific and I suspect permissions relataed. The installer registers it in all other cases.

The specific error that comes up when trying to use regsvr32 to register it is “*.dll was not loaded, but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found. The file can not be registered.”

What privileges does the current login have?

Only COM DLL’s can be registered. All .ocx files are actually special-purpose COM DLL’s. But not all (in fact only a minority) of .DLL’s are COM DLL’s.

Since the error message indicates that “the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found.” this means that the DLL in question is almost certainly not a COM DLL and cannot (and does not need to be) registered.

I am pretty sure that the error message is a red herring of sorts. As you may or may not have surmised, I am asking this question in relation to my job (tech support) and so I factually know that this particular DLL requires registration (not that I wrote it, but the guy that did tells me tha this is so). In any event, I am looking into what group the user logging into is a part of and so forth.

Thanks for suggestions, folks.