Rehashing a c. 20 Year Old Question?

I was just wondering if I could restate or re-ask (is ‘re-ask’ a word?) a question I asked about 20 years ago or so.

I know the mods look down on so-called zombie threads. But I wouldn’t be reintroducing the same old thread. I would be starting is fresh, if you will, like a whole new thread.

BTW, I am not asking the question here. But basically I was thinking of starting a thread again, whether or not animals can have a sense of humor. (Some of you older members may even remember the first time I asked it. It hasn’t been quite 20 years. But it soon will be.)



Discussions are regularly repeated here.

IANAM (I am not a Mod) but it seems fine to me. I have seen repeats so to speak (usually I believe by another poster asking something discussed in the by-gone ages) and personally I find it interesting to see if opinions have changed. Or that I learn something about the newer posters from their responses.

Considering that scientific knowledge has changed quite a bit in 20 years, there’s definitely no problem asking about our current knowledge and opinions about something. It sounds like a valid question to me. Seems interesting, too.

You can link back to the original thread if you think it’s relevant to the discussion.