Rehus Fasiga, Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone!

Rehus Fasiga, SDMB!

And a blessed Pascha to you too.

Here is an article from our paper about the local Orthodox congregation celebrating Easter this weekend.

thanks efrem.

i’m thinking someone has gotten hold of the secret orthodox calendar, what with nyc dope fests during christmas and spidy dopes during pascha.

thank you for the article baker. i printed it out for my mum.

Wha? Easter was LAST month, guys…

Just kidding. Have a good one! :smiley:

Happy Easter back at you.

Just curious, is that Tigrinya?

Yup, it is Tigrinya. Okay to be compilcated it is Ge’ez (an extinct language used by the Ethiopian/Eritrean church since 350AD in all functions), but Ge’ez to Tigrinya is like Latin to English. But, they both are still very close, and a lot of Tigrinya words are based in Ge’ez and um… the verb “Rehus” is used often in, er…

It is compilcated, so lets just say “it is a Tigrinya word not limited to just Tigrinya”. Yeah, that seems right :confused: .

Rehus - Enjoy, or Happy (as in “Have a happy…”)
Fasiga - Easter

You put them together to get “Rehus Fasiga” (or Happy Easter). Now go out and have one, SDMB.