Reign, OR Alexander the Great anime

While channel surfing the other night I caught the end of REIGN, an anime based on Alexander the Great. It’s an odd piece in that it’s part factual, part legend, part pure fantasy, sometimes sci-fi and sometimes mythological, and I got the impression that it didn’t really work. Since I know almost nothing about anime but am fascinated with Alexander, I was curious how popular this was in Anime circles and if it’s representative of the genre, plus generally is it any good in and of itself?

I don’t know if it’s technically anime, since I don’t know if the guy who made it (same guy as Aeon Flux, from MTV) works outa Japan. I can only see it through the visual craziness of scrambled cable (gosh I’m tempted to steal, just to to get CN, but I luckily have no idea how), but I’ve heard really good things. Hes… a weird guy. Aeon Flux was probably one of the most confusing surreal things on TV, plotwise, this side of David Lynch.

Well, I like what I’ve seen so far. I enjoyed Aeon Flux, and this series shares the same surreal feel. I really like the style of backgrounds, with all the geometric shapes.

Its very violent. During some of the battle scenes I got seriously confused which guys were Alexander’s men and which were Darius II’s men. There are also some bizarre creatures, including these 4 armed flying triangle spitting creatures from the ‘Pythagorean Cult’

Imagining an army of geeky mutants who fight with traingles and protractors