Reinstalled Windows, network adaptor not reading anything...

Title pretty much says it all. As of a few days ago, my network adaptor was functioning. Today I reinstalled Windows XP for the first time, and now nothing is being read by the network adapter. USB drives appear to be functioning. Also, I used to just turn on the computer’s wireless card and it would pop up a list of available wireless connections, but now that’s not happening. Going to the “Network Connections” on the Control Panel, it has the “1394 Connection” listed.

Any ideas?

You probably need to install the drivers for your network adapter. If you got your PC from a retailer, it probably came with a recovery disc that has all the needed drivers on it, so if you still have that, it should do the trick quite nicely. Otherwise, you’ll have to look up the drivers for your device online (on a PC with a working network connection, of course :)), download them, and transfer them over on a USB drive or a CD.

I have found that when reinstalling Windows I * always* have to get on a second computer to find network drivers so I can load them on the re-imaged pc. I can usually find the correct drivers on the manufacturers website.

OK, that was it. But now another issue, I reinstalled Windows on the same partition that the other one was on, and it didn’t erase all of the stuff that was on there before. Did I have to delete the original partition and make a new one or something? I already put what I needed on a HD.

Nevermind, got that figured out. Everything is running much better right now, except I can’t seem to get my resolution right (I think I’ll have to find what video card I have and install those drivers) and my laptop mouse doesn’t scroll up/down when touching the right side.

you have to

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you have to install the drivers for your touchpad as well. it will install a utility that let’s you control how the scroll works, etc.