Reinstalling Windows 7

If I use the disk that came with my old computer to reinstall Windows on that same computer, can I pick and use which software remains on the computer after the installation? Specifically, I want to eliminate all the extraneous software and keep the Microsoft Office applications. Does ‘custom install’ allow me to do that, or does it wipe everything?

If you just reinstall Windows over the top of itself (repair install), you’ll keep all of your software and settings. If you wipe and install, you’ll keep none of it, but it should be possible to reinstall and reactivate Office again afterwards - activation might require a call to Microsoft, but if it’s the same hardware, this shouldn’t be an insurmountable issue.

The ‘Repair Install’ option is no longer available starting with Vista (and Windows 7 etc.) It’s ‘Custom Install’ option only allows you to keep your old files (documents, pics etc.). It will also rename your old Windows folder and subfolders (which will also contain your old app’s folders) to Windows.001 but it’s up to you to sort thru them and find anything useful. You won’t reliably be able to reinstall anything from those old folders.

Also, the disc that came with your computer is probably **NOT **just a Windows install disc, like the ones you buy separately. It’s more likely an ‘image’ disc of how your computer’s hard drive was when new. Actually, it’s probably a re-imaging ‘program’ that will read and install the original image file which is contained on a small separate partition on your hard drive. In either case it will wipe everything including your docs & pics, your previous Windows installation, any installed apps, and return it to exactly how it was when new (which may include Microsoft Office if it was originally included). You’ll also need to then install all the old Windows Updates, which with Windows 7 will take much, ***much ***longer than the install itself.

Unless Windows isn’t running right there’s no need to do a reinstall. Just go to Control Panel, Programs and Features, and then uninstall everything you don’t want.

Thanks for all that. I’m pretty sure that the apps/software I want to get rid of are just programs that were installed to enhance gaming experience (I originally bought this PC as a gaming machine). If I uninstall them, hopefully it won’t make any difference to Windows or the AMD chip that runs everything. To my way of thinking, it logically shouldn’t make any difference, as they are add-on programs AFAIK. And I really don’t want to go through the misery of all the updates.

If you mean utilities that allow you to set overclocking rates or directly control/manipulate your CPU or GPU hardware etc., then no, Windows won’t care if these are no longer running. Your hardware will merely run at its (more modest) default specs.

That’s pretty much it. Maybe I’ll go write down what they are and somebody can tell me if I’m going to screw anything up by removing them.

The utility programs like “Tuneup” may help you. Install Tuneup on your system and clear your unwanted programs,files in your system. Even tuneup can do defragment on hdd,registry too. “Tuneup” may help you i think.

No … “Repair install” went away, basically you can just repair without doing an install.

Even if there is “repair install” or “re-install” , there was no selectivity,
either you get fresh windows, or everything as it is.

he number one reason to reinstall windows is due to hiccups with OFFICE ! Its a monster that installs itself all over the OS … the more complex the install, the greater chance of the catch 22 hiccup … can’t proceed (upgrade, add it in, repair it, or something)… can’t reverse (delete , cancel install, uninstall update, go back to old version, or something) … They’d sooner make the install preserve everything EXCEPT office.
At least Microsoft knows what Office is (and so, what to delete.)…

There are ways to preserve office between refresh, but Microsoft doesn’t provide it. You might also recover your product key, so as to be able to re-install office.

Thanks for all the replies. I decided to just delete all the extraneous software and leave Windows alone. There don’t seem to be any ill effects from doing that, so all is well. Any problems in the future will be hers to deal with.