Rejecting friend request: Rejectee notified?

I’ve got this pending notification sitting here for months now that I haven’t responded to yet.

It’s a friend request, that I’m not actually interested in accepting. Going to the “Manage friends requests” page, I see that my choices are: (1) Accept; (2) Reject.

If I reject, is the rejectee notified in any way? I don’t want to do that, any more than I’d want to tell someone who I’m ignoring. I want to be discreet.

So if I reject, does it happen silently?

ETA: Okay, so I might actually enjoy telling all my ignorees who they are, just to be mean. But I won’t. Actually, I’m not ignoring anyone (yet), but I’m starting to think about it.

There’s no notification that a friend request has been requested.

Well, who ever it was is going to know now. :slight_smile:

Gee senegoid if you didn’t want to be my friend, fine. But wow! This really burns!!!

(hint to the others: it wasn’t really me)

No, it wasn’t you. You never asked to be my friend :frowning:

And anyway, I started an ATMB thread several months ago, in which I asked what is the effect of being someone’s friend in vBulletin anyway, and never got much of an answer.

A lot of the friend functionality is either not enabled or not a part of this version of vBulletin. Mostly, if they’re your friend (which necessarily means they’re in your contacts) they can PM you if you have it set to only accept PMs from Mods and Contacts.

I think that if I sent someone a friend request and they didn’t respond for nine months, I’d get the picture that it was a “no.” A rejection notification doesn’t strike me as any less humane.

How can my imaginary friends contact me?

Oh, nevermind. I see one now.

Can we have an enemies’ list?

OP, friend request me and I’ll reject it… then you’ll have your answer.

But, what does it mean to be ‘friends’. The only thing I can see that it does is make me feel awkward when I have to stridently disagree with someone on my friend list.


Those bastards! shakes fist

You’re supposed to use a smiley :slight_smile: whenever you stridently disagree with someone on your friends list.

Do the enemies of my enemies belong on my friends list?

Kill them all and let god sort them out.

Applying deductive reasoning to the problem:

Keep your friends close.
Keep your enemies closer.

ergo, enemies of your enemies should be trying to bore their way into one or more of your bodily orifices.

Pfft! I’m in Thailand. They try that all the time.

And you’re supposed to use a maddie :mad: whenever you stridently agree with someone on your enemies list.

Although, if you are stridently agreeing with someone on your enemies list, you’re doing something wrong

No you don’t! :mad: