Rejoice! "The Fall of Sam Axe" - Burn Notice prequel movie airs Sunday

“The Fall of Sam Axe,” an original USA Network movie presentation will air this Sunday, April 17, on USA Network at 9:00 PM Eastern/8:00 Central. Starring Bruce Campbell as Sam, it details Sam’s last mission as a Navy Seal, and how he came to be the man he is today. No Mike or Fi of course, since this occurs before he met either of them, but it is directed by Jeffrey Donovan (Michael Weston).

I’ve got my DVR set! :slight_smile:

The DVR has been set for several days now. Looking forward to it!

How is Bruce Campbell going to hide his now considerable paunch to be a Navy SEAL?

He actually looks young(er) in that little preview clip linked above. Besides, rule of funny/cool overrides all.

How do you know the paunch isn’t part of his Sam Axe costume and comes off with the Aloha shirt?

Yeah, I don’t think it is either, but you never know.

Sounds good.

I always assumed Sam retired after getting older, fatter & drunk. Didn’t realize a bad mission derailed his career.

oh man. just realized this conflicts with the Apprentice.

I hope USA has a rerun later that night.

Yep, it’ll be on again at 11e/10c.

I thought that Sam met Mike when he was still a SEAL…

Well, I don’t see anything that says he didn’t know him. It’s just before they teamed up in Miami.

Plus he has a pension. You have to have been dishonorably discharged to get that, don’t you?

There’s an article in today’s USA Today (sue me, I stay in hotels a lot and sometimes read it) about how he lost 20+ pounds by hiking in the Oregon hills near his home and eating better.

I’m not a huge burn notice fan, but have like Campbell since Briscoe County, Jr. I am going to set my DVR in case I can’t catch one of the live iterations and also but BC, Jr into my Netflix queue.

I’ve noticed Bruce is slimmer in the last couple seasons of Burn Notice. He was much fatter the first season and also the character drank a lot more. Hanging out with Mike and his mom has reformed him a little bit. He still drinks, but not nearly as much. The mom character has dropped weight too and she’s not nearly as eccentric in the later seasons.

If Bruce dropped another 20 lbs for the movie, then he should be almost back to his Xena and Hercules weight.

Say what?

Bruce was on the tv show’s Xena and Hercules 14 years ago. At that time he was still very trim & fit. His huge weight gain was quite a shock when Burn Notice premiered in 2007. He’d changed a lot in only a few years (Xena ended in 2001).

Nor did the writers until a few months ago :smiley:

I was happy to hear about this movie. Bruce has done well by Hollywood standards - many waiters and waitresses would kill to have his career - but it seemed like he never quite got to where he should be. Never starred in a successful series. Never was a marketable movie actor. It’s nice to see they took advantage of a successful series and a personable, entertaining actor like Bruce and made a prequel with him. Hope it’s good.


Well that was fun. We got a surprise Mike cameo (they should do a flashback episode to when he was still a spy), the origin of Chuck Finley, and an Evil Dead reference! And in the end, it didn’t really contradict what we know from the show.

I wonder if Kiele Sanchez’s character will ever make an appearance on the show.

I wasn’t really blown away it. I think I had higher expectations because I was thinking of it as a movie, but if I look at it as more of a special two hour episode, then it was alright.