Release dates

Hey guys,

So I was wondering, CDs are mostly released on Tuesdays (? i think) and Movies can be released on Thursdays but usually Fridays. The Apple iPhone is being released on a Friday. Why is there a difference? I would think everything should be released on a Friday and ad campaigns should be most rigorous on a Thursday. Why do some products have different dates?

CDs and DVDs are released on Tuesdays because that is a retailers slowest day and it is an effort to get people into the stores.
Movies are released on Fridays because weekend ticket sales are heaviest and it gives them a jump on sales before the hype goes down.

I-Phone on a Friday? Beats me.

Another major reason CD’s and DVD’s are released on Tuesday is that Billboard Magazine, the highest profile journal for music, starts its chart sales week on Tuesday. Since blockbuster CD/DVD releases have their biggest sales in the first week, a Tuesday release maximizes sales and thus chart performance.

A lot of Apple gadgets are announced on a Tuesday. I’m not sure why the iPhone was realsed on a Friday, but I know the time was set to 6PM so less people would take off work to get one.

I think comic books usually come out on Wednesday