Release of Lien and selling a car

I’ve got a car that I’m going to sell. The DMV said I’d need a Release of Lien to do that. I’ve gotten that. My question is: What am I supposed to do with it now? Does it go with the title when I sign it over? Am I supposed to file it with the DMV?

I don’t have either the title or the Release of Lien in front of me, so maybe there’s answers there; I was just hoping a kindly Doper who’d dealt with this before could let me know.



It may depend on how your state works. I live in Virginia and my title had a notation on it that there was a lien. When I got the lien released, I had to submit it to the state DMV to have them reissue the title. Only then could I transfer clear title.

Kansas (or is it Missouri?) may allow you to use the title with the lien release without a title reissue, but you should call your DMV and ask. Or maybe it’s on their web site.

Thanks for the reply!

I’m on the Missouri side; I guess I need to call the DMV and see what they have to say.

and see

Gfactor, does that imply that I’m supposed to do anything other than provide the Lien Release to the new owner of the car? Is it stating it explicitly and I’m too think to realize it?

I don’t think the new owners are going to license it for some time (it’s not really road-worthy right now).

I just tried calling the DMV, but they didn’t answer.

This makes it a bit more clear: (Emphasis added.)

Thank you, that’s clear enough that even I get it!

Wow, this is all new to me. In the states that I have lived in, you don’t see a title to a vehicle until it is paid off. The bank or the lending agency holds it until you pay off the note.

When you do pay it off, you get the original title, with the original lien listed and subsequently released.

In FL, we also don’t have safety inspections or emissions inspections, but you do need to deliver a clean title to a buyer.