Lien released on car (9 years late)

I bought my current car in January of 1993. I got a 2 year loan which I paid off sooner because I had payroll deduction and at the time I was being paid every 2 weeks.

When the loan was paid off I got a letter saying so. I THINK it was a simple letter and not form PS-2017-07 (MN Notification of assignment, release or grant of secured interest). I lost the letter.

Since I’m planning on selling my car soon I asked for a replacement letter and got same (this was in October of 2003)

Recently I was surfing the MN DOT* site and came across form PS2017-07 and thought it would be a good idea for it to be filled out. So I did, and got it signed and notarized as needed. Talked with the DOT* lady and thats all I need (plus the title) to sell it.

I’m guessing even tho the loan was paid off, the lien wasn’t technically released untill today. Doesn’t matter as it is released now.

*Actually MN Deot of Public Safety - Driver and Vehicle Services Division

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone take a forum title quite this seriously …

Hey there are plenty of posts that are more mindless (IMHO).

Besides, it shows the true powers of procrastination.

Also, I learned that a notary can verify his/her own signature (seems like a recipe for abuse to me)


Nah, there was a guy a few months ago who started a thread to announce that he was going to go take a crap and we should wish him luck.

He got so many comments on how he’d truly captured the purest spirit of MPSIMS, he started a second one the next day on the same topic. As I recall the mods closed them both down and warned him not to do it again.

This one doesn’t really reach that level of mundaness. (mundanity? hrmm.)

I think that a few years ago.

Didn’t he eventually get banned for posts like that?

Aha, found the threads I was thinking of.

Here and here.

Not as congratulatory as I remember, though people did take the concept and run with it. And he did get banned.

If there was someone else who’d done this a couple of years ago I wasn’t around to see it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t a totally original idea; if you’re trying for mundane and pointless, ordinary bodily functions fit the bill better than almost anything out there…

My apologies, to N9IWP, for this completely undeserved total hijack of your thread. Mea culpa, it’ll end here for my part.