Reliable, Safe, Inexpensive Used Car

What would you recommend in a safe, reliable used car? Decent gas milage, not sporty, but decent handling. Not fancy, but must be presentable. You’d be OK having the baby sitter drive your kids around in it (so, probably not too small). What would you need to spend?

I’ve got to go with the Ford Ranger pick up truck. You can get an extended cab version to cart the chillins around in. Cheap, reliable, great gas mileage on a 4-cylinder model, and it’ll run forever. Plus, you can put so much stuff in the back! I’ve had a couple and I’ll never go back to a standard car again.

I drive a 2003 Saturn Ion that I got used, 26k miles, for about $8000. Good gas mileage, made out of plastic so it doesn’t dent, handles decent (I guess, I’m not exactly a pro driver or anything), and sits 5 comfortably. Plenty of trunk space, all around solid, boring, safe, reliable car. Man, I want a new car.

Two years ago I bought a 2002 Nissan Sentra with 12k on it, for just under $11,000. Haven’t regretted a single day.

My last two cars were used Ford Tauruses (Taurii? ). They were both two years old when I bought them. I’m not sure I would go that way if I had to put a lot of mileage on the car, but I don’t and they were reasonably priced & served me well.

Reliable, Safe, Inexpensive Used Car

That’s a real oxymoron!

Five- to ten-year-old Honda Accord.

Agreed. Nice looking, runs forever, good mileage, roomy. Also, you might go to a library and find a consumer car-buying guide that lists used cars you should NEVER buy.