Relics of times past

What physical objects do you still have in your possession that have little or no relevance to your life today, but that once had great importance to you?

In my case:

[ul][li]A dozen or so disc-golf discs from the early days of the sport (a Wham-O numbered glow-in-the dark numbered model, and a variety of other early PDGA-approved discs, with their official weight as measured by the local pro inscribed in pencil on the underside).[/li][li]A Sears Silvertone (in this case, probably manufactured by Harmony) electric guitar (reminiscent of a Fender Mustang) that hasn’t been out of the case in several years, and hasn’t had new strings in far longer.[/li][li]Several dozen volumes on various recondite topics in medieval literature, including a bunch of otherwise unpublished masters theses and doctoral dissertations run off by University Microfilms of Ann Arbor, MI[/li][li]The various band and record label buttons that came up in the thread on “High School in late '70s”[/ul][/li]

“Ain’t no man can avoid being born average, but there ain’t no man got to be common.” –Satchel Paige

my ex-girlfriends bones

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