Religion, theomatics, and numerology

Before, I get to my question, I would like to provide some background information.

I’ve noticed that some Christian end time sites on the internet are starting to use numerology and theomatics in their attempts to prove the existance of the God and their theories about the end of the world. One form of numerology that seems to be slowing spreading accross the these sites, is the idea of a cipher in which the letters in the alphabet have their positions multipied by 6. For instance, A=6, B=12, C=18 and so on until Z= 6(26)= 156. Now, they say that the fact the since Jesus in Greek adds up to 888 and that with the code phrases such as “The Trinity” and “Biblical Prophet” among others, equal 888 and therefore proves that the code is real. Moreover, they do a whole thing terms that equal 666 as well using phrases like “Mark of Beast”. Then, they assert that anyone who is skeptical is being deceived.

So, my question is: Do this people have something here or they nuts or something in between?

This might belong in debates but I can say definatively that they are nuts - so maybe not…

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