Religious charity refuses to hand out water to hurricane victims

Link Once again, the religious put religion above human beings.

People wonder why I despise religion so much, and then they do things like this. I’m just glad that the Red Cross apparently shamed them into doing the right thing…eventually. Funny, how the secular charity is the one that actually helps, while the religious one doesn’t.

Maybe they were waiting for Jesus to turn it into beer.

The religious wing nute are just that. Nuts.

Let them do without.

If there are any on this board, please show me in the bible where it says don’t drink.

It does say don’t be a drunkard. Even deacons are only to be of not nuch drink.


Unfortunately I am of much drink tonight.

But I ain’t a deacon either.


What would Jesus do? He would turn water in wine, that’s what Jesus would do. Oh, and give it to people.

Well, feel free to hate whomever you please.

The numerous stories of religious charities doing the right thing, time after time, aren’t terribly remarkable. When they screw up, of course, it’s a man bites dog story, and you will indeed hear about it.

Of course, this story in no way changes the fact that the Red Cross has had numerous major financial scandals over the years. Oh, but that’s okay, I guess. Long as they’re secular.

You have a mighty simplistic world view, it seems.

Wow Mr. Moto.

How many strawmen do you have in your pocket?

Might I suggest you read more about about Jesus? Would he have denied people water because a brewery bottled it?

Are you saying you agree with the SBC?

Of course stupid acts should be called on. It just might stop it from happening again.

I don’t think Mr. Moto disputes this. He’s just coming out against making vast, unwarranted generalizations based on those stupid acts.

Of course it’s an Alabama based group.

Why the Hell wouldn’t it be?

Shit. (And Roy Moore is running for governor here and these same people will be out campaigning for him- sorry Mama, but if he wins I am out of here as a matter of self protection.)

Guess you didn’t notice that those scandals got plenty of negative press as well. Since you missed it, even secular charities that ripped off resources from those in need were criticized quite sharply. Some potential donors even changed their minds about how and where to give as a result. It was a trust thing.

Yeah, lots of that going around. Shit happens, even to religious organizations that withhold badly needed supplies to those in dire need while they parse the spiritual worthiness of the donors.

No wonder Jesus wept.

No, as long as they hand out the damned water.

Yeah, silly me, I think it’s bad when a charity lets people go thirsty to score theological points.

And my favorite part of the parable:

Jesus Christ: savior of man, epicurian.

While I’m not about to defend their decision, I’m confused about one thing:

Was it just the pallet that was labelled? Was it water in “Budweiser cans”? Either way I think it’s a ridiculous decision, though I might be slightly more sympathetic if it was water in a beer can.

There is no Biblical injunction against drinking, although drunkeness is condemned. There’s a discussion about that going on in GD right now.

Jesus does, however, have something to say about those who refuse to give something to drink to those who are thirsty, and it’s not pleasant. It’s in Matthew 25:31-46, which goes like this )bolding mine):

I think someone needs to write to these people and ask them why they’re directly disobeying the words of Jesus and indulging behaviours which Christ, Himself, says will get them condemned, even though the claim to know Him.

To the non-Christians out there, once again, I apologize. I realize some folks can cite obscure verses to justify the Rapture, homosexuals being more sinful than heterosexuals and (literally) God alone knows what other nonsense! I’m just amazed by how they can overlook Christ’s clear and unambiguous teachings as recorded in the Gospels. It’s not that these people’s actions contradict the teachings of my Episcopal Church; considering we serve wine at pancake suppers, it’s not like we have a lot in common anyway. It’s that their actions are directly contradicting the teachings of the One they (and we) claim to have accepted as Lord and Saviour.

I am sorry. When I’m more awake, I may be outraged.

I don’t know about this particular batch, but after the Northridge (California) earthquake, the water they handed out were in cans of the type normally used for beer* but the labeling just had the words Anheuser-Busch, WATER (The dominant word), and their corporate logo. All were in black on a white background. It could in no way be mistaken for a can of beer by anybody even semi-literate.

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Really, what else would a beer company use? It’s what they have available and is what most of their filling lines are geared to.

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If things like this–one small religious charity doing something stupid, when there are many, many others that do a lot of good in the world–are why you despise religion, then the reason you despise religion is because you’re an idiot.

“Things like this” implies that there are other reasons, this being just one of them. Are you saying that he(and others) should list all of the reasons that they despise religion? If so, this could be interesting.

I can verify this - I kept one of the bottles as a souvenir. Even though we didn’t need it, we all thought it was a nice gesture.
As for this preacher/pastor/deacon/whatever, his priorities are fucked up. Giving needed supplies to people in a disaster area take precedence over a label on a water bottle/can.

When Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, religious charities rushed in to provide emergency services, often acting more quickly and efficiently than the government. Relief workers in the stricken states estimate that 500,000 people have taken refuge in facilities run by religious groups. That’s a good thing.

However Reverend Nobeer wasn’t one of those helping. There were others not helping also. For instance, the Salvation Army was refusing aid to anyone suspected of The Gay. “The Army will not change its policy,” said one official, who declined to be named. “You cannot change theological views. Those are so deeply embedded, they form the root of the faith itself.”

Maybe it’s time to really look at charities and be more selective who we donate to. Kudos to Anheuser Busch, and a big smack in the mouth for this myopic and stupid “preacher”. What was inappropriate was refusing to hand out the water.