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Im planning to purchase an iphone on ebay iphone 4s factory unlock. Told no sim card provided so i need to buy a sim card. I heard that the walmart 30 dollar prepaid plan is 100 minutes and unlimited internet up to 5gb a month but it needs to be purchased at walmart or activated on
Can someone explain the 2nd part? So if i buy my iphone used on ebay and buy a sim card online, i could then activate it and get this plan? I heard confusing stuff such as you have to buy the sim card through t to activate it so if you buy one at store or ebay it won’t work?
Is this a prepaid plan where its pay as you go so once you used up 100 minutes or 5gb, then you do another 30 dollars for another 100 minutes or 5gb of data? Because the way its phrased… it sounds like a regular month to month plan such as tmobiles simple choice $50 plan where u get unlimited minutes and text and data but data you only get fast speed up to certain point?
Because is this basically like the simple choice monthly plan except you get 100 minutes instead of unlimited for 20 dollar+ less?

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