Remaining Survivors of the Titanic?

On the radio this morning it was mentioned that today is the 93rd anniversary of the Titanic’s unfortunate brush with the iceberg.

Are there any survivors of the sinking who are still alive? They’d have to be getting pretty old by now.

According to the site linked below there are six survivors still alive. But I don’t know how old (or accurate) the page is.

Thanks Imasquare. That page appears to date from 1997/98, given the ages for each of the survivors. They could all have died by now.

According to google - when Antonio Martinelli died in June 2001, the family reported
he was the last(on some pages, one of the last) Titanic survivor. He doesn’t seem to be listed on the link provided above.

On April 14, 2002, Mallvina Dean, who was listed above, is mentioned as UK’s
last survivor in a report concerning ceremonies there–she was reported as still
alive but not at the event.

According to this article, Millvina Dean (spelled Mallvina in the article), aged nine weeks at the time of the wreck, was the last survivor in the UK in 2002. Since there doesn’t seem to be any mention of her dying since, I would presume that she is still alive.

Also, since she is listed as the “last UK survivor,” and not just “last survivor,” I would presume there was at least one American survivor also alive in 2002. (Another article mentioned the last three survivors included two from the UK and one from the US.)