Remake of Romero's "The Crazies"!!!


Saw this trailer this past weekend and am very excited about it. When the title came up at the end, I just said, “Whoa!” I always felt that The Crazies was one of Romero’s better films, and one that tends to get lost in the “Living Dead” shuffle. I also like the use of the “Mad World” cover from Donnie Darko.

Any further info or thoughts from the fans out there?

Yeah I’ve been waiting to hear more about this. Another retread, like films have an expiration date and must be rebooted every 30 years.

I was reading an item about the upcoming Avatar, and one of the things that counts against it in the minds of market prognosticators is that it’s an original screenplay. Let that settle for a minute. That’s right, it’s considered bad box office to make a movie where the ticket buyers aren’t already safely familiar with the story. They want to go in knowing the ending. This boggles me entirely but goes a long way to explain why the Hollywood papmakers keep churning out the same stale tripe year after year.

(To my mind, that was one of the most valuable issues raised by Van Sant’s version of Psycho: it seemed to intentionally question the wisdom of this trend.)

Hmmm… with the current vampire craze going on, you’d think they’d remake Martin first.


My father, for reasons known only to himself ( and possibly involving some deep-seated passive-aggression deriving from his occasionally contentious childhood ), rented this on VHS to watch with my grandmother present. Top five on my all time uncomfortable moment list.

All they need to do is package it as what it is- a sci-fi remake of Dances with Wolves. Oscar winnah!

The trailer linked in the OP won’t play for me, and no I’m not turning off adblocking on IMDB to get it to run (they’ve had some of the most obnoxious ads I’ve ever run across there) but I found one at youtube. No idea if it’s the same one or not, but in case anyone else is blocked by IMDB, here it is.