Remaking Doctor Who

There are always some who hate the American remakes of British shows. Sometimes they are crap, sometimes they are pretty good. Doesn’t matter to me.

But I guess if you really want to piss off the purists, you need to go after their sacred cows. So I am making an American version of Doctor Who.

Since the police box means nothing to Americans, the TARDIS would have to be something that would fit here. A PortaPotty works for me. To really make a mockery of the show, we need an actor to play the Doctor that would be unmistakeably American. Maybe Chris Rock. The backstory is that the Doctor chose that form after seeing images of President Obama and figured that African Americans ran the show on earth. In the first episode, he can land in 1960’s Mississippi and wonder why everyone hates him.

When someone asks him what he is a doctor of, his answer is “Listen, you don’t ask a white guy whether he is really an engineer or lawyer but the minute you see a brother calling himself a doctor, you got all kinds of questions. It just Doctor. If that don’t work, call me Doctor None-of-your-Fucking-Business.”

Its just a thought.

Starring Bill Shatner!

I’m not shitting you. I would so watch that.

No no no no no.

It’s not an AMERICAN show with car chases. So the Tardis as to be a car.

A Ford Tardis. (A Ford Taurus with different labels)

Then you can use Chris Rock, or some dumbass like Seth Rogan.

WithOUT car chases

It’s been done; they made the Doctor half-Human.