If the Next Doctor Who were an American he would be played by....

And…of course…why?

Just noting that reading thread titles at the moment gives you
If the Next Doctor Who were an American he would be played by…
Amanda Palmer […]

I mean, I don’t know how well she can act, but you could do worse. And of course, Dr Who is already in the family (“Hey Hubby, write me better lines, would you!”).

Why, Paul McGann, since he’s already been introduced as the Doctor to American audiences back in 1996. All the references to Eccleston/Tennant/Smith and their plotlines and story arcs would be gone. I’m not saying it would be good, mind you. Oh, and he’d still be half-human.

Neil Patrick Harris. Because he’s Neil Patrick Harris.

Aisha Tyler. But then, I think most things would benefit from a dose of Aisha Tyler.

Nathan Fillion - does a great job jumping back and forth between light-hearted and menancing. Seeing him in a more highbrow role would be interesting.

That’s who I was going to say. He is Canadian, of course, but he’s technically American (North American). :slight_smile:

Jeff Goldblum.

Seriously, just look at him.

Runner-up; Ron White, because I think it’d be funny.

Nathan Fillion. He has the same mix of kick-ass, glower and empathy I associate with my Doctor (Ecclestone) - he can do cool, calm and collected quite well, but as his turn as Caleb on Buffy showed, he also had that killer thing down pat. ETA I see I’m not alone.

Also, if this means the Companion as a Companion, even better.

Or Craig Ferguson. He’s technically American and it would give him the biggest thrill ever, he’s a ginormous Whovian.

I’m changing my vote to this.

Or maybe Gary Busey; the series would only last for an episode or two but it would be memorable and the TARDIS would get 54 new acronyms.

Or Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Who can give great exposition and smack down fundamentalists from ancient Ur to 59,000th century New Alabama.

They could do spin-offs called Doctor Huh? and Doctor WTF?

“Wibbly wobbly…timey…wimey…shit.” <sips whisky>

Hugh Laurie - most Americans will think his accent is terrible of course.

Oh yes.

Um… Doctor Who isn’t exactly high-brow.

This could actually work for a single episode.

Doctor looks at his new self in mirror -

Doctor: Aw Crap!
Companion: Are you alright? You don’t look it…
D: This happens every couple thousand regenerations, just never thought it’d happen to me…
C: What happens?
D: Sometimes there’s a…hiccup. The regeneration doesn’t quite take first go round…usually sorts itself out after a few hours.
C: Usually?
D: Well, yes…
C: So what do we do in the mean time?
D: Stay out of trouble.

Hijinks ensues!

Another vote for Jeff Goldblum.

Morgan Freeman, of course. Because he’s Morgan Freeman, duh.

After a number of flops in the movies, Eddie Murphy returns to the small screen!
(Aw, hell, no.)