You know who I think would make a fantastic next Doctor?

David Mitchell.

I can totally see him in control of the TARDIS, having adventures, being smarmy yet charming and occasionally scary, taking on new companions, etc.

Who do you think would make a fantastic next Doctor?

No way. Much better choice would be his boss, Johnson*. Even Mark** would agree.

*Paterson Joseph, The guy who plays Mitchell’s character’s boss on Peep Show.

** Mark is Mitchell’s character on Peep Show.

Are you English? Or Scottish? That seems to be the number one qualification.

Judi Dench

Chris Addison.
David Walliams.
Susan Calman.
Charles Dance.
Liam Neeson.

Colin Salmon
Ian Shaw
Damian Lewis
Peter Wingfield (Especially qualified these days, it seems)

Emma Watson.

Irdis Elba would be my dream Doctor right now. But he’s too big to fit in the Tardis (despite being bigger on the inside, it won’t fit someone who can get American movie work).

Tamsin Grieg. They already took the Master from Green Wing, so why not the Doctor?

Judge Judy.

Lets mix things up a bit here.

Charley Wayne

Stephen Fry.

Ricky Gervais. Think about it, yeah, it’s growing on you, right?

Emma Watson or Jeremy Clarkson.

George Takei.

David Walliams has already played a Doctor Who villain. And he kidnapped Peter Davison..

I’d watch it. I can just see him fleeing from bad guys shooting lasers at him, as he angrily rants about why the enemies’ actions are completely irrational.

If I get something wrong I’ll just use the TARDIS to go back in time and tell myself how to do it properly; and since I didn’t do that then what I’m doing now must be going to work!

I don’t know. Who?

What’s the logic here? Just wanting to shake things up? Or is there a role of hers you think that shows she could play a good Doctor?

Personally, I think she’s too big and would bring in too many fans for the wrong reasons.