Remarkable video from inside the SUV when militiaman occupier LaVoy Finicum got shot

Dramatic New Cell Phone Video Shows Final Moments of Oregon Militiaman’s Life

This has no blood but it has lots of terrified screaming and crying by the vehicle occupants once the shooting starts so may not be entirely safe for public spaces.

No one needs to get shot and killed but this guy was literally asking for it.

Ick. I know how it ended. I think I’ll pass. As stubbornly wrong as he was, I have no desire to watch him die from another angle.

He wanted to be a martyr for the cause just like Vicki and Sammy Weaver (Ruby Ridge).

He’s no martyr. Just one dead misguided idiot.

That is super gross. What is wrong with people? He probably deserved to die, he was literally asking for it, but it still is gross and crass that people are distributing this video.

I’m not going to click in case it starts playing. Have they said whose cell phone took the video?

It was inside the SUV taken by one of the female passengers. He steps outside the car and well out of camera range after telling them to shoot him. They do and the passengers in the SUV at first seem utterly shocked they are being shot at and then start freaking out and one woman goes into hysterics. The police shoot out the windows then use tear gas near the end to flush everyone out.

The odd thing is that in the aerial shots of them taking him down it seemed like there was a lot more time between him exiting the vehicle and making a reach into his coat and getting shot. In this video it literally seems to be a few seconds after he leaves the SUV and him getting shot.

He was but I don’t think he really expected it to go down like that. The other vehicle occupants certainly didn’t.

To paraphrase Mike Tyson"Everyone has a plan until the shooting starts".

Shawna Cox.

Considering that conspiracy theories arise out of unambiguous events like the World Trade Center attacks and the Sandy Hook murders, I would think wide distribution of this video serves the purpose of transparency – nothing to hide, you can watch for yourself – even if it also appeals to bloodthirsty interests in some.

Thanks. I have to believe that it will help.

I never ceased to be amazed at how often people are unhappy when they finally get what they claimed to want.

In fairness, LaVoy Finicum has issued no complaints with how the police handled his requests.