Remember Daniel Pearl?

The reporter killed in Pakistan? They think they’ve caught one of the people involved with his death.

Let’s hope that they’ve got the right man and that he leads them to the others involved.

Yes, I remember him. Hope they got the right fellow. I hope he sings like Pavarotti.

Damn straight I remember him. Hard not to, what with the big plaque memorializing him hanging right next to my office. My company is part of the Wall Street Journal family, so Danny’s murder hit really close to home for a lot of us.

Please oh please oh please let something useful come of this…

Sounds like good news, let’s hope all those animals get what’s coming to them.

I remember Daniel Pearl, MHRIP. I’m still glad I resisted the temptation to watch the video of his murder. There are some things I should live without experiencing.

An interesting side note: his widow is involved with someone famous now. Except I can’t remember who. :smack:

As I understand it, his widow has been key in keeping a fire under the Pakistanis to make some arrests. Never underestimate a woman.

Bumping this one with a fascinating, informative, and comprehensive must read - trust me on this, you won’t regret it.

It not only brings to light those who were behind the kidnapping and murder of Pearl, but also some of the same people/groups responsible for 9/11 and many other infamous acts of terrorism, and how they operate. It also serves as an eye-opener to the state of Pakistan’s intelligence, law-enforcement and judicial system.

One controversial takeaway: Although the details of the use of torture (by Pakistan and the U.S.) are very sketchy at best, it did seem to me that without such measures (mostly by Pakistan,) there would be A LOT that we don’t know, and some very bad guys still on the loose. (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, alleged/confessed mastermind of 9/11 and the man who beheaded Pearl, was water-boarded 183 times.)

Though too many of those who participated in Pearl’s kidnapping and murder are on the loose, the major players have been caught. Unfortunately, some have promising appeals underway due to Pakistan’s bungling justice system.

Anyway, read it! Here’s the full link again:

ETA: The link above is in a pretty cool “web-azine” format, but if for some reason you want a .pdf version: