9/11 Mastermind Arrested

This morning in Pakistan, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was arrested by the FBI and Pakistani police. He is believed to be the al-Qaida operative who planned the logistics of the attacks.

Although perhaps not as satisfying as having him die painfully in a bombing raid, or asphyxiating in some labyrinth in Afghanistan, now we have access to a treasure trove of information, and we can pursue justice at the same time.

Here’s one for the US and Pakistan: :smiley:

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Heard about this this morning - great news. Although “operative” is not quite accurate - he’s actually the operational planner for al-Qaeda, thought to be logistically behind not only 9/11, but also the Cole, the embassies, and probably to some extent the 1993 WTC bombing. He would of course be the mastermind of most future major operations, so getting him is, practically speaking, even more important than getting bin Laden himself. I was having my doubts about the real level of Pakistan’s cooperation in our campaign (the ISI, Pak’s intelligence service, not only put the Taliban in power, but also has large swaths of Islamist sympathizers in its ranks - also, many al-Qaeda members are thought to be harbored in NW Pak after having fled from Afghanistan), but they certainly delivered the goods on this one. So a huge thank you from an American to all who helped capture this asshole is in order.

Of course, as always, there is sadly more work to do.

It’s nice to see some tangible progress.

Hooray, hooray. One more Part Of The Problem which, one hopes, can become Part Of The Solution.

Boy, I’d hate to be in that guy’s shoes right now. Anyone want to wager on why the U.S. authorities took him to “an undisclosed location outside the country”?

Nah, don’t you keep up with the times?

The turn him over to Omani security or some other ‘partner’ in the war on terror. Keeps the US forces hands clean.

I wonder if Pinochet’s security forces are looking for work.


This is great. As Sock Monkey says, this is great tangible progress. I’m quite ecstatic. :smiley:

One down, a few more to go.

I hope they send him to the Mossad, for some gentle persuasion! After a nice trip to Israel for questioning, he will be sent to “general” Dostum for some hearty Afghani hospitality! I’m sure that the General will give this creep the fate he deserves…maybe like being buried alive? or, use his head to play polo with!

Yeah, but Al-Qaida Says Arrest Won’t Cripple It. :-/

I’m surprised to see so few reactions so far.

Great news, indeed. And Daoloth, this guy shouldn’t die in a bombing raid. He’d become a martyr. He should be tried and convicted in the US, and locked up for the rest of his life. Killing a muslim fundamentalist only validates his followers, and strengthens their resolve.

One question I would have for this guy is (among many others):

Is Bin Laden still alive, and what’s this new forwarding address?

Yeesh, check out this photo of the guy!

I didn’t know Ron Jeremy was a member of Al Qaeda.

In all seriousness, this is great news. Hopefully bin Laden left his forwarding address with this guy.

An American muslim says…



If this is for real, I hope he is the key to snagging more of these wastes of flesh.


The picture of this bastard pleases me. Basically, he is in disarray, in his undershirt. Not looking too classy and powerful.

Couldn’t agree more, Coldfire. But can we keep him away from Geraldo interviews, book deals, Oprah specials, 60 Minutes segments and why-did-he-do-it feature articles? In a solitary cell? Alone and forgotten?

Man, he looks just like what he is: human trash.

I’m confused…there’s good news in the paper? Do they still do that?

Here’s another nice big YES!

I was a touch amused (or cynical) to read that the US is using “all appropriate interrogation techniques.” In this particular case, our forces might be excused for using some inappropriate techniques. Not that’s a good thing… Threatenting to turn the guy over to Mossad could be a powerful enough technique.

To reply to koeeoaddi: We have a Supermax prison somewhere. This guy can have the cell next to Manuel Noriega for several years, until he exhausts all his appeals. Then when he’s safely forgotten, hang the b$%@#^*. (Oh sorry, that last line belongs in IMHO. I’ll be over there for a while.)

This guy looks like Babu Bhatt, the Pakistani restaurant owner, from Seinfeld, (after a long drinking binge).

I’m with Coldfire. When you’re facing an enemy that thrives on martyrdom, the best thing you can do is show that you’re better than that.

Try him, convict him (you’ll forgive me if I don’t presume innocence – I ain’t gonna be on his jury anyway), and give him clean workclothes and three meals a day and a nice library for the rest of his life.

Let young would-be terrorists see that we believe in justice after all.