Remember her name. RIP Irene Cara

She did not live forever.

She used to pop into a shop I worked in once in while, mid 80s. I think her aunt lived on the block. I had a wicked crush, so I probably blathered on stupidly behind the register.She was always friendly (and patient.) She had a wonderful smile.

R.I.P. 63 is way too young.

She had a minor hit in 1984 called “Breakdance” which I still think is a great song.

Damn…I remember being high, driving, and shouting along to “Flashdance…What a Feeling” in college like it was yesterday.

Way too soon. RIP

Her name is very crossword-friendly, so I think it will be remembered.

You should warn us before using corss language.

Whoops! You gave me time to edit my typo.

Too late. It’s preserved in my post.

Her What a Feeling album was the very first CD I bought after I bought one of the early CD players. I came of age in the disco era and always had a special spot in my heart for her and her music. The album is still loaded into my now strictly virtual music collection.

I at least will remember her name. And her face and her sound.

It’s tough getting to the age when people your own age are “dying too soon” in quantity.

When I first read it I was like, 'She was 63? Really?" and then I remembered that I’m old too.

Yeah. In another thread recently one of our contemporaries mentioned a T-shirt reading something like:

I thought getting old would take longer

Today I found out I’m just a few months older than Irene. Which actually surprised me; I had assumed all these years that she was a couple years older than me. She definitely had her big break early in life.

Other day I realized George Harrison died at the age of “only 58”. When it happened my brain said “Well he lived quite a while.”

When John Lennon was murdered I felt, at the time, he was fairly old. He was forty…


When the Beatles broke up, after already achieving so much, they were still in their twenties. Then they all went on to have substantial solo careers. That helps to explain why it felt that way.

Now, though, I’m in my fifties; and I see Paul and Ringo still going strong in their eighties; and I think how awfully young 40, or 58, or 63 is.

I first encountered Irene on The Electric Company, when I was about seven and she was about twelve.
No, that math doesn’t add up…I must have seen her on Electric Company reruns, then. (Our kid, circa 2015, enjoyed the original 70s Electric Company, on DVD).

Two of my favorite upbeat songs. RIP.

She achieved fame, and she will live forever. RIP.