Remember Kool-Aid mustaches?

When I was a kid we’d all go home from school to eat lunch and come back with a big ole colourful Kool-Aid or milk mustache.

Honestly, this is the reason why I refuse to drink grape juice without a straw and I’m terrified of drinking red wine. I know, I’m weird.

Why don’t adults get drink-mustaches?

We’ve learned to drink without submerging our faces.

Moonlitherial beat me to most of my answer but I’d say another factor is that when an adult does get a large amount of some drink on their face, they generally have enough manners or self-consciousness to use a napkin rather than just leaving it there.

I thought it had to do with the size of your mouth and the size of the cup.
Kids got em because their mouths were so small and the cups were too large.
I think adults would get them too if they drank out of something the size of a coffe can.

This is one thing that I find so funny about young teenaged boys, of which I’ve had three.

“I’m big, I’m bad, I have testosterone, I’m going to kick some ass!”

“Uh, but what about your Kool-Aid mustache? That kind of ruins your image.” :stuck_out_tongue:

My daughter is 10 and she still gets these things. When do they grow out of this anyway?

When they stop drinking Kool-Aid and start drinking beer?