Remember that photo shoot of Britney Spears?

The one in Vanity Fair, where it was all photoshopped and the real pictures got out and she looked like an exhausted mom instead of a young hottie? I’m not finding the photos online, and I want to show them to someone who’s interested in the whole photoshopping/real live women thing. Help!

there’s a whole bunch of videos on youtube showing the expertise some people have with photoshop

You can start him here, and he can click all he wants on the Related Videos.

losing weight with photoshop

Well, that explains the dichotomy between the covers of “O” magazine and the way Oprah actually looks right now.

Video is slightly NSFW.

there’s this bit of technology too

A quick Google search turns up before and afters for a Glamour cover - is that it, by any chance? Britney looks pretty rough in the before. Yikes.

While I do recall a very obviously Photoshopped cover for Vanity Fair, that would be the famous seven-months-pregnant-“hommage”-to-Demi pose and the befores were never leaked as far as I can recall (the gossip blogs which my… errrr… friends read closely would’ve all over that faster than Britney on a Cheeto)

Aha! That explains it–I kept googling Vanity Fair, not Glamour. Thanks! And thanks to everyone else who posted links–I sent them on too. Interesting stuff. (Thin camera, heh, I need one of those)