Britney Spears gets nekkid for Esquire! (well almost) Can Christina Aguilera compete?

And the pics are pretty nice for near naked cheescake!

Near-nude Britney shuns sexy image

This Brittney fan site has the Esquire cover linked along with a link to a page with has the cover underneath the original Angie Dickinson cover picture it was imitating.

Interesting how much more muscular and toned we expect bodies to be these days. Angie, who is just about the same height as Brittney, would be sent to a gym (or her picture to a touch-up lab) for a similar shot today. True, she was 35 when that picture was taken, but I think that expectations have truly changed.

Holy smokes!

Near-naked Britney Spears is something new?

I’m so, so glad you kind people provided links.

Must… buy… new… Britney… album…

Y’know, she totally sucks as a singer, but damn, she’s got a nice body.

Oh, my. I misspelled Britney.

OTOH, I hate misspelling anything.

OTO, Should I be proud of myself for not knowing?

Re: the thread title, Xtina A. did the almost-naked thing (including the “here I make like I’m taking my panties off” shots, only you did eventually see a shot of them around her ankles) for Maxim in the Jan. 2003 issue.

What we need, of course, is a full side-by-side comparative on a stage. Or a big kingsize bed with many fluffy pillows. Or the showers. Dear Hef: before you die liquidate some assets and use the cash so your mag gets them before they’re 40-ish washouts.

Did you see the poll at the MSNBC link (second link in the OP)? “How soon before Britney poses completely nude?”

My vote was “Sometime in 2004.”

And I can’t believe she’s still schlepping the “I’m not into that whole sex thang” line.

You didn’t misspell Britney. Her parents did. It’s freaking Brittany…

Anyway, I thought “Xtina’s” Maxim shoot was way more risque. On the other hand, I’d buy Britney’s Playboy first…

NO! That’s exactly what you should avoid doing under any circumstances! The sooner we all stop buying Britney Spears’ and Christina Aguilera’s CDs, the sooner they’ll have to start appearing in bongo-mags to make ends meet!


You know: rhythm literature, a spangle book, a jazz mag, an art pamphlet.

Those who can, sing. Those who can’t, strip for girlie mags.

So I’m making a sacrifice for all mankind (well, 90% of mankind and 10% of womankind) by not buying their CDs? I’m happy to take that one for the team.

Christina did go nude (topless) for Aussie People. Can’t remember where I found the link. It was on the same site that had pictures of her looking “fat”. I saw this a few months ago, so I suppose it is Britney that is playing catch up now.

NOOOOOOOO! I’ve spent years telling people I didn’t find her remotely attractive, but she looks positively cute on that cover.


Now I’ll have to start lying to save face.

But I still won’t digify her by using what I used to think was a beautiful name. She’ll always be BS to me. Even if she is cute, dammit.

Damn, that girl is fiiiiine. Although I don’t get why some women feel the need to get those water-bags put in to give them bubble-tits. I’m sure she would have looked just as awesome with what she had naturally.

Excuse me - I have to go to my room and, uh…think about that for awhile.

“she doesn’t want to use sex to sell her music”


I thought they used music to sell sex!

Angie Dickinson showed a greater percentage of her actual butt than Britney. He had that shirt up to her lower back. Britney just has it half way up, however her butt just has more to it. If J-Lo did such a shoot, she’d only have to lift her shirt a centimeter to have the both of 'em beat buttwise.