Remember the Colorado Drone Swarm?

At the beginning of the year, there were many reliable reports of swarms of drones flying over rural Colorado at night. Here is an update based on FAA documents.

TLDR; Nobody knows what they were. Everyone has moved onto something else.

It was street lights reflecting off Murder Hornets.

IMO it’s the 2020 equivalent of boring old crop circles.

Those were also made by murder hornets.

Yeah, we live in the Denver, and it was fascinating. Many reliable people reported it including police and even a pilot. Wonder to me nobody ever shot one down.

It was just their seven-year mating swarm cycle.

You’d think the skies were black with drones a couple of years ago, the way idiots were panicking.

Now they are over Arizona.

That links to a story ’ Michigan has the largest bear ranch in the U.S. where you can pose with rescued bear cubs’.

Sorry, here it is.

As wrong links goes, that ranks medium on the weirdness scale but very, very low on the embarrassingness one.

I am making vacation plans about going to the Bear Ranch. Really, it is not what it sounds like.

Is it near The Gay Bar?

In a perfect world it would be…