Remember the "Crisis in Education" report?

Back in the early 1980s there was a report about the so-called crisis in American schools. It was the report that supposedly showed American students far behind other industrial nations – down somewhere in the educational gutter iwth Chad and Niger and some other Third World countries.

Some time after that report came out, there was a refutation of it showing that other countries were allowed to cherry-pick their test results but the U.S. had to include even the special-ed kids in our test results. Maybe it wasn’t quite that bad, but it purported to show that the original studies were definitely skewed against the U.S.

Does anyone know where I can find copies of those two reports? I have searched the Internet for a year and can’t find 'em. I even have access to EBSCOHolst and JSTOR, and I can’t find a thing.


I think the original report that you’re referring to was called “A Nation At Risk.” The Wikipedia article on it is here while the actual report is here.

As someone with experience with the Chadian education system, there is no way on this planet that it’d ever be even imaginable that our education system could be mentioned in the same sentence as Chad’s.

I found it, and I found the book I was looking for. It’s called “The Manufactured Crisis” and it purports to debunk the myth that there ever was a crisis in American public education. There is now, of course, mostly from trying to fix something that mostly wasn’t broken to begin with.

BTW, I apologize if I offended even sven. I didn’t mean that the U.S. education system was actually compared with Chad. I couldn’t think of where the U.S. originally was ranked, and just grabbed a couple of names off of an African map. I know, that’s racist and insensitive and I’m sorry. I meant nothing by it, honest.

Nonono! Not offended at all. In the part of Cameroon I lived in, people considered Chad to be the funniest thing on Earth. A common joke in my classroom would be for a boy to point to another boy and say “Madame, that man is from Chad!” and everyone would laugh. This was in part because Chad is marginally worse off than North Cameroon. But in reality we lived just a stone’s throw from the border, the populations were pretty much the same. And so it was even funnier to me- all these people making Chad jokes when basically there wasn’t a lot of difference.

Anyway, I don’t get much of a chance to laugh at people making fun of Chad nowadays. So I actually laughed out loud at your post. I think that makes me the insensitive one…Chad, ha!!!

Sort of like Oklahomans telling jokes about Arkansans?:smiley:

We’re OK. Nobody’s offended. Except the poor kid from Chad.