Remember the RDI. ((Former citizens of Rhydin check in.))

Talking with Serendipity the other night I mentioned that I used to be heavy into the free-form role-playing on AOL way back in the day. Matter of fact, I frequented the RDI back when there were only 12 people in it at any given time. So, I remember a lot of the very first players and ended up meeting many people this way. She also played around there, and we got on to talking about it and ours and others character names and interestingly enough, the fact that we had probably talked/role-played with one another and had never known it.

So tell me all, were you a former citizen of Rhydin? Did you ever do any FFRP-ing on AOL? What was your character(s)’ names? Were you into the Arena or NWN at all?

Maybe some of us have talked and role-played with one another before, and we just don’t know it. :slight_smile:

Hmmm… guess no one here ever role-played there.

Oh well… <sigh>