Remember the security guy who took down a media guy during the Alaska Senate race? He's disappeared

Remember during the Senate race last fall, there was the episode where a security guy with the Miller campaign handcuffed a reporter who was asking questions?

Detention of reporter: kosher or not?

The security guy has now disappeared, with rumours that he’s connected to a group of alleged sovereign citizens who are now facing murder and conspiracy charges:

Alaska militia ‘supply sergeant’ vanishes as alleged murder plot unfolds:

Is Alaska politics always this odd?

I don’t know about alaska politics, but this is the weirdest place in the world, mostly in a good way, but still weird.

Yes, sometimes worse. But then what do you expect from a state where the unofficial state motto is “we don’t give a damn how they do it on the outside (lower 48, continental US etc), this is Alaska”?

plus, the lawyer who is acting for the disappeared guy is a former Attorney General for Alaska, and he’s hinting in the article that his guy may be in federal witness protection.

Very weird: the employee of the missing guy showed up to work, and the lawyer gave him papers handing over the business to the employee.

All of which is just a sideshow to the state and federal charges pending against the five sovereign citizen types. This one may be worth watching…

Absolutely. Especially since the state went right about 30 years ago.

Note that WAR, that ‘atty general’ (was one for about a week, got thrown out), is a hell of a weird story in and of himself.

According to his wikipedia stub, he was never confirmed. It’s difficult for me to see why anyone was characterizing him as a former attorney general.

He was a Palin nominee, and had the same sort of ideas she had about abortion and gays. The legislative committee couldn’t get a straight answer from him, so passed on the nomination. Palin had already nominated one person who had been rejected because he was a whack job. After Ross was rejected, she re-nominated the first guy. This pretty much tells you all you need to know about her.

A fun fact: Wayne Anthony Ross drives a huge red Hummer pickup with the license plate WAR.

Thank you, right, wasn’t actually confirmed.

Actually, I wasn’t looking at you so much, E-Sabbath, as the writer of the linked story:

Increasing speculation that the guy who disappeared is an informant for the FBI:

2 informants helped FBI make case against Fairbanks militia members